6 Essential Texas Real Estate Courses Explained

Are you looking to become a real estate agent in Texas? If so, you'll need to complete a series of courses approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). In this article, we'll explain the six essential courses you'll need to take in order to obtain your license. The TREC requires that you complete the following five steps to obtain a Texas real estate sales agent license: an overview of licenses as a real estate broker and sales agent, the ethics of practice, the titles and transfer of real estate, legal descriptions, deeds, liens and liens, the distinctions between personal and immovable property, the valuation, finance and regulations, closing procedures, real estate mathematics, and at least three teaching hours of instruction on federal, state and local laws related to discrimination in housing, the discrimination in housing loans and community reinvestment. All VanEd Texas pre-licensed courses are approved and meet the most recent TREC requirements for course content and online delivery.

Here's a closer look at the six essential courses you'll need to take:

Overview of Licenses as a Real Estate Broker and Sales Agent

This course provides an overview of the different types of licenses available for real estate brokers and sales agents. You'll learn about the qualifications needed to obtain each type of license, as well as the duties and responsibilities associated with each one.

Ethics of Practice

This course covers the ethical principles that govern real estate practice. You'll learn about professional standards of conduct, as well as how to handle conflicts of interest.

You'll also learn about the legal implications of unethical behaviour.

Titles and Transfer of Real Estate

This course covers the legal aspects of transferring ownership of real estate. You'll learn about title searches, title insurance, deeds, mortgages, liens, and other related topics.

Legal Descriptions

This course covers the legal descriptions used in real estate transactions. You'll learn about how to read and interpret legal descriptions, as well as how to create them.

Valuation, Finance and Regulations

This course covers the financial aspects of real estate transactions. You'll learn about appraisals, mortgages, loan types, interest rates, taxes, insurance requirements, closing costs, and other related topics.

Closing Procedures

This course covers the closing process for real estate transactions. You'll learn about escrow accounts, closing documents, title insurance policies, deed recordings, and other related topics. By completing these six courses approved by TREC, you'll be well on your way to obtaining your Texas real estate sales agent license.

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