Exploring the Booming Real Estate Market of Central Texas

The Texas State Real Estate Association was born in April 1911 with the aim of bringing professionalism to the industry. At a meeting in San Antonio, the association campaigned for the mandatory registration of real estate agents and their activity flourished. The following year, members met again for a convention in Houston and plans were made for a statewide land exhibition to promote Texas and educate the public. The Firsthand team also serves homebuyers and sellers in the highly competitive markets of Austin, Central Texas and Houston to help their clients build wealth, stability and happiness in the heart of Texas.

The committee also helped local associations stop “water pirates” who wanted to channel water from counties in Central Texas and sell it elsewhere. The real estate market in Central Texas has grown due to the growth of industries such as technology, a stable financial market, increased oil production, and a famous entertainment niche. A report revealed that 35% of foreign buyers in Central Texas paid in cash, compared to 39% nationwide. As eclectic as the area, real estate in Central Texas includes a variety of property types, styles, prices and locations.

Discovering Austin: The Center of Central Texas

Austin is the Central Texas diaspora and is an impressive mix of sophistication and country charm.

Across the Central Corridor from Texas is San Antonio, adorned with captivating cultural attractions such as The Alamo, ballet halls, the San Antonio Museum of Art and the River Walk. Popular communities in Central Texas include Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Bastrop, Kyle and San Antonio. Unfortunately, as the decade drew to a close, the Texas attorney general issued an opinion that the Texas Real Estate Commission could not require applicants to pass an examination to determine their competence.

Exploring Other Spectacular Communities

Austin is the center of Central Texas, but there are many other spectacular Central Texas communities to explore and put down roots. People are attracted to the charm of Texas, but in Central Texas everything is based on an informal attitude and a lifestyle rich in amenities and recreational opportunities. One of the favorite pastimes in Central Texas is the San Marcos River which runs through the center of the city.

Whether you're looking to subsidize your income or just want a relaxing place to rest and relax, you'll find it in eclectic Central Texas.

A Stable Market for Homebuyers

The volume has increased faster than the price in Central Texas indicating a stable market which is great news for potential homebuyers interested in real estate in this area. Central Texas is home to many bodies of water such as Lake Medina, Lake Austin, Lake Georgetown and Lake Marble Falls. Additionally, Central Texas has consistently experienced a low unemployment rate compared to the national average which has boosted its burgeoning housing market.

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